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Black & Yellow Make-Up Look

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.

This post is to give you all the product and application details of this beautiful black and yellow make-up look so you can be able to recreate it if you wish! Instagram is not really the best place to share it all since it has a character limit (which is sooo annoying btw!). So I decided to write it down for you. Bear with me, it is my first blog post since ages ago. It is not perfect but I hope it will be useful to some of you. Let me know in the comment section below what you think I should change or improve or add as in the format and content of this kind of posts. I would be very grateful if you did and hopefully the next posts will be better! Also, show me your looks if you tried to recreate this look, I would LOVE to see your recreations. But for now, enjoy the read!

Full Face

STEP 1: Prep your skin!

I always start by cleansing my face. So put your hair away and grab your daily cleanser and cleanse! This step is so important, you can not avoid it. You do certainly not want to add layers and layers of products on a filthy skin covered with dead cells and all sorts of impurities. Cleansing will also make your make up application much easier and your final look way smoother and more beautiful.

Once your skin fresh and clean, move on with your skin care routine. Whatever steps it has, the most important one before a make-up application is moisturising. 

STEP 2: Eyebrows

My brow routine is quite easy and quick. I rarely do the full on "Instagram brows". I prefer the "natural looking" brows which are filled but not over filled. For this specific look, I used a brow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills, the famous Brow Wiz in the shade Medium Brown. I drew little strokes to fill them up. I start by brushing all the hair up and filling from the bottom. Then I brush the hair down and repeat. 

After filling, I set the hair with a brow mascara. Brow mascaras set the hair in place so it does not go anywhere. It is mandatory if you are gifted in the brow area. For this look, I brushed my brows with the Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper in Medium/Dark by L'Oréal Paris. I like that it is tinted and picks up even the smallest brow hair I have. It gives a darker and fuller brow look.

To finish the brows, pick up your usual concealer to clean up the edges. For this look, I used my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard. I usually put the product on the back of my hand and use a small flat brush to apply the product. I will give you all my make-up brushes details and which one I use for what kind of application in another blog post. 

STEP 3: Eye Shadow

Eye Close-Up

Before using any eye shadow, you need to prime your lids especially if they tend to be oily throughout the day or if your complexion is dry. Priming your lids helps a lot with the eye shadow application. I notice a huge difference with the blending process, the time the whole eye look takes to do and how long the look lasts. 

At the moment, I ran out of eye shadow primer but no need to panic! Your concealer can be your perfect eye primer. That is what I did for this look: I applied the concealer all over my lids and I blended it with my finger. Then I powdered my lids with my
Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder by Technic. The powder sets the concealer and plays as the perfect canvas for your eye shadows.

For this look I used two different eye shadow palettes from the same brand Morphe: the 35N and the 35B. I started with a warm light brown all over my lid, followed by a darker  brown (but still a warm tone) in the crease. In the outer V of the lid, I slowly worked with the black eye shadow from the 35N. Black eye shadows tend to be very pigmented and if you do not want to ruin the whole eye look, you better take your time! I slightly touched the black eye shadow with my brush and pressed it in the eye area I wanted it to be. Then I used a clean brush to blend it in and repeated the same actions till I had the intensity I needed. When I was done with the black, I sprayed a flat eye brush with a make up setting spray, dipped it in the yellow eye shadow from the 35B and tapped it all over the inner 2/3s of my lid. With a clean blending brush, I blended the yellow into the black.
Then I drew my black wing with my Schwing eyeliner by the Balm which is my current favourite.

At this point, the eye look is not finished. I choose to stop here to start working on my complexion, in order to not have any powder fall out on my lashes when I apply my mascara and/or false lashes.

STEP 4: Complexion

At this stage, your face is prepared to support layers of products because while you were working on your brows and lids, your skin had plenty time to absorb all of your skin care products. 

I always start by using a make-up primer. My OG face primer is the POREfessional face primer by benefit cosmetics. I apply it with my fingers on my T-zone, the areas around my nose and my smile lines. It "minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin" and I totally agree! The texture feels really soft and nice. You can try take a picture before and after applying the primer, you will definitely notice a difference. 

When the primer is done, it is time for foundation. Depending on your complexion type, you will probably not use the same foundation as me. Basically, foundation is one of the most personal pick for your make-up. For reference, my skin type is combination and it tends to be oily or dry in different areas like the T-zone and changes depending if it is summer or winter weather. 

For this look, I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade Light Beige. As you can see, this is a quite cheap foundation! It is a very common misconception to think that cheap goes with bad or not good enough and expensive with luxury and excellence. This foundation is the perfect counterexample! The Healthy Mix Foundation is so good and way better than many mainstream high-end foundations you hear everyone and their mothers talk about!

So, I sometimes apply it with a flat foundation brush all over my face and spread it by tapping with my Beauty Blender make-up sponge. Or I will take few pumps on the back on hand and go straight with the sponge. I never ever do a brush only application for foundation any more since I first tried the Beauty Blender sponge. Brushes always left bristle marks. I could see them on my forehead and the sponge gets instantly rid of them, leaving your foundation application smooth and even.

Foundation done, it is time for concealer. Depending on what you "need" to conceal or correct you would use different type of concealers and different application techniques. But today, I will tell you only what I did for this look and bring up a more detailed blog post later. I used the same concealer to define my eye brows and to brighten my face which is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I apply it with its own applicator under my eyes, on my forehead in the area between the eye brows, in the middle of my nose bridge, on the sides of my nose, on my smile lines and on my chin. I blend it all using my sponge.

At this point, your face is ready for powder unless you want to do a cream contour and all that jazz. For this look, I went straight to powder under my eyes first, to not let my concealer crease in my fine lines. Then I powder my whole face to set my foundation and concealer. The powder I used is the Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder by Technic which I bought from a random beauty shop in London but you can find it on Amazon.
Once the powder done, I slightly contoured/bronzed my face with the famous Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I own different products for the same use but I can not get my hands off my Hoola. I am on my third pan and it is half way used! I applied it on cheek hollows, on the edges of my forehead and around my jaw line. 

Blush time is fun time! For this look, I used the Becca x Jacly Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette that I was lucky to get as a birthday gift. Unfortunately it is a limited edition product that you might or might not find but you need to know that most of the shades in this palette exist in Becca Cosmetics make-up product range. I used the shade Rose Luminous Blush on the apple of my cheeks to my temples. You can stick to the apple of your cheeks or elongate the application like I do: you do you. I tend to spread my blush to my temples because I think it gives a more "natural" effect. I also use a large and clean powder brush to blend my blush or the same brush I used to powder my face. 

For highlighter, I used the shade Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed from the same face palette but you can find it as a single pressed powder.

STEP 5: Back to the eyes

When I am done with my complexion work, I come back to finish my eye look on my lower lash line. For this look, I decided to keep the lower lash line bright. So I dragged all over my lower lash line, with a small pencil brush the yellow eye shadow I previously used on my lid. With a clean blending brush, I blended the edges. Then I tight lined my water line with my Deep Black Kajal by Kiko. I curled my lashes, applied false lashes from Primark! Yes, you did not misread! One pound lashes that I used 3 times so far!! The glue is very good and the style fine. The ones I used for this look are in the style Sultry. After applying the falsies, I apply mascara on my bottom lashes. Most of the time, I skip mascara unless I need to blend my lashes with the falsies. For this look, I used my favourite mascara which is the Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay.

STEP 6: Set the face and you're good to go!

I usually use my Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray but I ran out and I had no choice but to use my least favourite spray which is the Beauty Amplifier Set & Refresh Spray by Sephora. I might have a faulty product because the spray is not spraying a mist as it is supposed to do but it splashes your face with big drops and if you do not blend it with your sponge, you are left with round spots all over your beautiful face. Which is very annoying when you just spent two hours perfecting your make-up!


Your make-up is done! Grab your phone or your camera and treat yourself with dozens of selfies! Don't forget to share them with all your beautiful friends and if you recreated this look, please tag me! I would love to share your looks on my blog and my Instagram!

Take care of yourselves beauties, you should hear from me again very soon! xx


All the links I used are NOT affiliate links and I bought ALL the products mentioned with my own money, so there is no ad in all of this.

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